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Issue 8

It was quite the week last week! Ecommerce came out of Beta and introduced itself to the world. 👏 Congratulations to the team at Webflow for getting this done. Right out of the gate it is a strong contender for what they're calling Brand Ecommerce. I have no doubts that feature parity with competitors will be surpassed especially with a dedicated internal team for Ecommerce. There are almost literally a ton of videos, articles, and guides to help get you started. Make sure to check out the Webflow University too.

Not as many showcase sites this week, but the ones that made this list are really great. Tons of visual range shown here. Proves that Webflow as a tool truly allows designers to express themselves.

We've got the usual handful of tuts shown off by WebDev For You, then Charli Marie wraps up her series detailing setting up a Webflow Ecommerce store, and also a mixed-bag of tricks from some of our other friends. Udesly put out two new widgets specifically for Webflow for animating SVGs and counters.

Rounding out our weekly digest is Nelson appearing on the Deep Dive Podcast.


Here's some content from Webflow's official channels.

This is brand-first commerce. This is Webflow Ecommerce.

Duration - 0:1:13


Webflow Ecommerce Overview

With Webflow Ecommerce, you can build and design online stores, customize every detail of your cart and checkout experiences, manage products and orders, set up and launch a fully functional, completely custom online store without writing a line of code.

The broad strokes to setting up a Webflow Ecommerce site.

Webflow Ecommerce is now live

After three months in beta, Webflow Ecommerce is officially live. Here’s a look at what we’ve been shipping, what’s ahead, and how to shape the roadmap. Since our beta launch in November of 2018, we’ve been hard at work on the full release of Webflow Ecommerce.

The launch rundown.

The rise of brand-first commerce

The last 10 years have shown us that in order to make an impact in the crowded space of ecommerce, online stores need to create compelling, unique brand stories and experiences to stand out amongst the crowd.

It's a new kind of ecommerce.

Webflow Ecommerce first impressions — with Pablo Stanley

Duration - 0:0:38



Ecommerce settings, designing product and other Ecommerce pages, launching an online store.

There's a lot of good documentation already and this is a good place to start.

Ecommerce panel overview — Webflow UI tutorial

Duration - 0:2:38

Designing the product page — Webflow Ecommerce tutorial

Duration - 0:5:34

Customizing the cart button — Webflow Ecommerce tutorial

Duration - 0:2:39

Customizing the shopping cart — Webflow tutorial

Duration - 0:4:15

Customizing Webflow Ecommerce emails — Webflow tutorial

Duration - 0:1:47

Launching your Webflow Ecommerce store — Webflow tutorial

Duration - 0:1:18

Integrating Google Optimize

Google Optimize [↗] enables you to test variations of your websites and web pages for free. You can run tests on your content to understand what works best for your site visitors. You can use Google Optimize for A/B testing as well as running multivariate and redirect tests.

Now the ability to run A/B tests and more.

The world says hello to Webflow Ecommerce

Duration - 0:0:33

Hello Webflow Ecommerce!

Webflow Ecommerce: new features, and what's ahead

Duration - 1:36:38

Hear straight from the team that built it.

Instagram marketing for ecommerce: the essential guide

Instagram is a visual social media platform with over 1 billion active users and has become the new digital home for emerging and established brands.

Great lesson in good marketing on Instagram.

Drive ecommerce sales with dynamic ad campaigns on Facebook

Facebook launched dynamic product ads in 2015 to help ecommerce owners run targeted, optimized, and scalable ad campaigns.

How to use FB dynamic ad campaigns and connect it to your Webflow Ecommerce.


Here's a sample of great sites built in Webflow. #MadeInWebflow

ceepo-dev - Webflow

by Eric Graventein Ontwerpbureau Keerpunt

I like this style and think if fits the brand well.

the-fabric-sales - Webflow

by Wouter Vergote

Very bold. Make sure to check out all the pages.

Strawberry Antler - Webflow

by Orange Cattle

Online food ordering and delivery service built with Webflow Ecommerce. Nice.

Real Estate - Assets - Webflow

by Ilan Harel

Lots of subtle parallax and nice illustrations.

amazonhall - Webflow

by Iñigo Corcuera Lejarreta

Very engaging design from the interactions to video elements.

EFFIXX Studio - Webflow

by Anthony Ciannamea

A visual feast

Tips, Tricks, & Tutorials

Take some time to learn something new.

Images Zoom Effect - Webflow

by Anna Sabatini

If your ecommerce product images need zoom, this is an easy way to pull it off.

Dram's Add-Remove Class - Webflow

by Alex Dram

This is really cool and there are lot's of possibilities this opens up. Just always keep user expectations in mind.

How to Disable Highlighting on a Web Page

Duration - 0:3:34

New contributor, check it out.

WebDev For You - Daily Interaction #76 - Webflow

by WebDev For You

Use hover to reveal more details for team members.

WebDev For You - Daily Interaction #77 - Webflow

by WebDev For You

Not a normal button, but I'm sure this can inspire some unique interactions.

WebDev For You - Daily Interaction #78 - Webflow

by WebDev For You

A looping edge highlight for buttons

Customizing a shopping cart | Webflow Ecommerce series - Episode 4

Duration - 0:7:14

The cart component is very flexible to design and quick get started.

Designing the checkout page! | Webflow Ecommerce series - Episode 5

Duration - 0:13:16

Most of the work is done already, it's mostly about styling the checkout to fit on brand.

Ecommerce emails & LAUNCHING THE STORE | Webflow Ecommerce series - Episode 6

Duration - 0:5:53


Daily Interaction #33 | Button Animation on Hover | WebDev For You | Made in Webflow

Duration - 0:24:59

Go from a ghost button to a filled version on hover.

Simple Table using CMS - Webflow

by Cyber Dave

See how to create a CMS driven flexbox table

WebDev For You - Daily Interaction #80 - Webflow

by WebDev For You

This feels like a good natural evolution to the hover underline animation for buttons. Me gusto.


Here are a collection of great resources that you can use on your next project.

SVG Animation Widget for Web flow | Webflow Widgets | Udesly.com

by Udesly

A very handy dandy tool

Count Up widget for Webflow | Webflow free widgets | Udesly.com


Count up. Count down. Customize.

001 Form — US States Dropdown Form - Webflow

by Aaron Grieve

Pre-filled and ready to go.

023 Button - Webflow

by Aaron Grieve

Toggle me this. Toggle me that.


Random things get put here because I didn't know where else to put them.

good-cheap-fast-webflow - Webflow

This responsive website has 6 views, 0 comments, and 2 likes.

Fun interaction and also very very true.

S01E02 Deep Dive Podcast - Webflow

Duration - 0:43:16

Nelson joins the Deep Dive podcast to talk about Webflow... duh.

Thanks for making it to the end. I hope these sources give you inspiration or head start on your next Webflow project. Did I miss something? Let me know about it on Twitter and you might see it in the next Webflow Weekly issue.


Until next week, happy designing!

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