Webflow Weekly

Issue 5

Another good week of content. Are there every down weeks? Not yet.

Check out the new University articles that help you sync your Ecommerce products/inventory to Facebook, Instagram, and Google Merchant. Then there were a ton of good showcases for sites built in Webflow. Then Dram's custom cursor is a great method for using a custom cursor effect built with interactions. Lastly a couple of resources for color fonts and a design checklist.



Here's some content from Webflow's official channels.

Facebook, Instagram, and Google product catalog integrations

If you haven’t already noticed, we’ve added a new set of integration options to your ecommerce settings that make it easier to run ad campaigns and create interactive social posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Google.

Your clients will love this.

Syncing products to Google Merchant Center

Integrating your store’s product set to Google Merchant Center [↗] lets you keep product data, images, inventory count, and more in sync as you run advertisements on Google Shopping.

Syncing products to Facebook Catalog Manager

Integrating your store’s product set to Facebook’s Catalog Manager [↗] lets you keep product data, images, inventory count, and more in sync as you run advertisements and posts on Facebook and Instagram.

Setting up Google Analytics

Google Analytics gives valuable information about user behavior and interaction.

Facebook Pixel

To embed a Facebook pixel in your Webflow project, paste the pixel ID in project settings → integrations → Facebook pixel. If you host websites that collect personal data from EU residents, you need to comply with GDPR.

Setting up Instagram Shopping

Instagram shopping [↗] allows you to tag products in posts and link directly to those products on your Webflow Ecommerce store. Posts with tagged products will also show up in the shopping section of Instagram’s discover section, to be shown to potential new customers.

Horizontal Movement On Scroll

Page goes ⬇️ title goes ⬅️➡️


Brought to you by Webflow Explore key moments in graphic design history like the middle ages, punk publishing, and swiss design, meet the makers, and see how design has shaped culture.

I 💙 this so much!


Here's a sample of great sites built in Webflow. #MadeInWebflow

newcircle - Webflow

by newcircleinc

Professional, clean with interactions

Y'all - Webflow

by Y'all

Look below the fold

Onion Oakley - Webflow

by Kael

Scroll effects

Poulos Collective - Webflow

by Stefan

It's like taking a master class in grid. Definitely open in the Designer.

Kontora Media - Webflow


Castup - Webflow

by Castup

3D interactive balls - Webflow

by Eli

Zestful - The Ultimate Employee Perk

by Zestful

Lemon-aide - Webflow

by tiffany

Creativería Website - Webflow

by Creativería Design


by Ben Tossell

Portfolio - Webflow

by Sam Reiss

Finsweet Websites - Webflow

by Finsweet

Fast Eddies Fabrication - Webflow

by James Gidoomal

Zigzag /\/\/\/

Tips, Tricks, & Tutorials

Take some time to learn something new.

Daily Interaction #31 | 180° Flip Effect on Hover | WebDev For You | Made in Webflow

Duration - 0:22:4

Simple way to create Diagonal Section / by minimal custom code (Step by Step)

by Ezra Siton

Very in-depth guide

Sketch File Preparation - Part 2 (Design Landing Page in Sketch and Bring to Life in Webflow)

Duration - 0:16:3

Dram's Custom Cursor - Webflow

by Alex Dram

This is so brilliantly simple and simply brilliant!!!


Here are a collection of great resources that you can use on your next project.

Colorfonts! WTF? ? - Webflow

by Fontself

The name says it all.

Design Checklist - Webflow

by Tibor

Stay on track. This list recommends tools for each step too.


Random things get put here because I didn't know where else to put them.

No items found.

Thanks for making it to the end. I hope these sources give you inspiration or head start on your next Webflow project. Did I miss something? Let me know about it on Twitter and you might see it in the next Webflow Weekly issue.

Until next week, happy designing!

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