Webflow Weekly

Issue 28-29


Here's some content from Webflow's official channels.

Right-click to convert div blocks to link blocks

Now you can right-click on a div block to convert it to a link block (and vice versa).

The Freelancer's Journey, official teaser trailer

Duration - 0:0:42

Webflow events: July 2019

Attend a Webflow event near you.

10 web design principles every designer should know

Follow these effective web design principles to make your next project a success.

6 proven ecommerce business models thriving in 2019

Get familiar with the basics of 6 types of ecommerce business models before building your business plan.

Upload up to 25 images at once with the new multi-image field

Drag and drop up to 25 images into a multi-image field in any CMS collection item or Ecommerce product to build and style dynamic galleries with ease.

Now you can (finally) create dynamic CMS and Ecommerce galleries

A string of new features unlocks the power to easily create image galleries from dynamic content.

Reuse grid layouts more easily with grid template areas

Define grid template areas to reuse grid layouts with ease — and make sweeping changes to recurring layouts in a fraction of the time.

Reuse grid layouts more easily with grid template areas

Reuse grid layouts with ease — and make sweeping changes to recurring layouts in a fraction of the time with grid template areas.

Inside Webflow: Building Webflow and the future of the web

Duration - 0:50:30

Introducing dynamic CMS and Ecommerce galleries | Webflow web design

Duration - 0:3:46


Here's a sample of great sites built in Webflow. #MadeInWebflow

ttime - Webflow

by TaraS

addvert - Webflow

by Will

501cthree - Webflow

by Nick

labarraca - Webflow

by Kim

The Goonies - Webflow

by Joseph

dongweidesign - Webflow

by Dongwei

tom-piggot-v4 - Webflow

by tom

We Are Interact - Webflow

by Will

Elements website - Webflow


Presentation kit - Webflow


DSGN Interior Design - Webflow

by Ańa

Ultra Awesome Slider - Webflow

by Rakesh

Presentation rooms / architecture - Webflow

by th

webdev-for-you-krai-by-studio-vor - Webflow

by webdev

Rural Code / Nick Lawhon Portfolio - Webflow

by Nick

HatBox Design – Product Design in Code - Webflow

by Chris

Brilliant – Research Management for Teams - Webflow

by Chris

Studio Contento - Uitblinken In Een Digitale Wereld. - Webflow

by Bart

Tips, Tricks, & Tutorials

Take some time to learn something new.

Hover animation - Webflow

by aleksey

ChartJS in Webflow - Webflow

by Aviv

E-commerce Website with Webflow

Duration - 0:7:57

11 Backup Restore Version Display None

Duration - 0:6:13

Flexbox Game L1 10 UX Webflow UI Design

Duration - 0:3:29

How to Add Facebook Chat to Webflow (2019)

Duration - 0:2:37

How to Add Booking Reviews to Webflow (2019)

Duration - 0:2:31

How to Add Countdown Timer to Webflow (2019)

Duration - 0:2:32

Keep the Navigator Open UX-Webflow-UI-Design

Duration - 0:0:35

Embed Really Simple Store products in Webflow

Duration - 0:3:25

Flexbox Game L18-24 UX-Webflow-UI-Design-Ep15

Duration - 0:4:41

Top 4 Webflow Tips – Building A Brand, Website Tutorial

Duration - 0:13:15

Webflow Micro Interactions - Daily Direction Part 06 Toggle

Duration - 0:4:32

Webflow Micro Interactions - Daily Direction Part 04 Tool Tip

Duration - 0:8:52

Webflow Micro Interactions - Daily Direction Part 09 Text Hover

Duration - 0:12:25

Building a Studio VØR Design Concept in Webflow | WebDev For You

Duration - 1:45:0

Webflow Micro Interactions - Daily Direction Part 07 Burger Menu

Duration - 0:7:28

Webflow Micro Interactions - Daily Direction Part 05 Close Button

Duration - 0:9:3

Webflow Micro Interactions - Daily Direction Part 08 Social Button

Duration - 0:5:55

How to translate your Webflow website and make it multilingual with Weglot

Duration - 0:9:54

[TUTORIAL] MixItUp3 - Filter and paginate Collections with more than 100 it


How to replace List Bullets to custom icons (SVG) - Resources / Tips, Trick


Webflow Hack #14 - Automatically show current year in footer with span and js

Duration - 0:4:41


Here are a collection of great resources that you can use on your next project.

012 - Blog/News ITem - Webflow

by Aaron

Product Hunt Preview - The Post - Webflow


Product Hunt Preview - The Listing - Webflow


MemberStack - The no-code membership platform for any website | Product Hun

by Tyler Bell


Random things get put here because I didn't know where else to put them.

devMode.fm // Design, Build, and Launch with Webflow!

In this episode we talk about the visu­al devel­op­ment tool Webflow with co-founder Vlad Mag­dalin. Webflow is a visu­al web­site builder tar­get­ed at devel­op­ers rather than end users.

How Webflow's Awesome Hybrid Remote/in-office Teams Work

Duration - 0:41:35

Webflow Review 2019 🎨 Easily Build Beautiful Sites In No Time

Duration - 0:13:15

Building A Client Website From Scratch – Building A Brand, Episode 8

Duration - 0:23:35

Webflow Review 2019 - Easily Build Beautiful Sites In No Time | Software Lo

Today we're taking a look at a Design and Content Management system for the web called Webflow. We're gonna cover all of the most important factors when it comes to functionality. We went hands on with the tool to assure the information presented is of the highest quality possible.

Thanks for making it to the end. I hope these sources give you inspiration or head start on your next Webflow project. Did I miss something? Let me know about it on Twitter and you might see it in the next Webflow Weekly issue.

Until next week, happy designing!

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When I'm not building websites, I'm talking about it here, on Youtube, on Twitter, and on the Webflow forum.

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Oh and you might have noticed that I'm a Macintosh fan. Been a user since 1993. My career in creative media wouldn't have been possible without Macs.

Feel free to browse around my virtual computer. You never know what you might find.

Note: I do use affiliate links on this site. It allows me, as a freelancer, to earn a small amount if you use and like something I recommend.

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